Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girl games online right at your finger tips!

Little girls love to play. Girl games vary from dolls, the most popular Barbie and the funky Bratz to the advance technology alternative games. As times are riding on a technological advancement, online games have been listed as one of the girl games options. Girl games are often associated with fashion and fad, and it would not be complete without it. Therefore, the passion for fashion has been recreated in online girl games.

You can find the best girl games online. These often features dress up games, delicious cooking games, makeover games, wonderful fashion games, and so forth which presents an arcade full of your favorite girls games. This makes it different from purchasing a real doll. You are presented with various girl games at the tip of your finger tips.

Do you love gracious Barbie but you are fed up with the few clothes you can try on her? Why not resort to Barbie dress up games? Barbie has thousands of dresses to choose from. In this girl games, you even get the chance to make a complete make over of Barbie: design her clothes, fix her hair (how about a few hair highlights?), give her the trendy make up and find the best shoes.

How about the Bratz? These funky teenagers need a lot of make over with their busy schedule. Get the coolest outfits and the new hair trends with this girl games.

Online girl games can do more than dressing up. You can also cook, fix the house, d├ęcor the room, get invited to a party and more! Girl games can never be boring and you are given new choices every time.

But where can you get girl games? And does it costs too much? Girl games can be readily accessible in the internet and search engine results presents you the best options available. The cost? It’s totally free! Yes it is free! You do not need to spend a single dollar for it. Enjoyment is meant to be free and you can achieve it in no time!

There are many girl games available in the internet. Choose whatever you desire because you deserve to enjoy girl games. It’s new, it’s trendy, it’s FUN! Find the best online girl games and get the girl in you! Girl power innovated and reinvented! Nothing can be so exciting with girl games online!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Does the name Stardoll mean anything to you? I wager it doesn’t ring a bell for a good supply of readers, despite the fact that the site has been spotlighted in our feed in the past. Three times, in fact. First in 2006, and twice in 2007.

If you haven’t been fortunate to familiarize yourself yet with Stardoll, I’ll give you brief tour: Virtual dolls plus virtual brand-name attire. Yep, that’s pretty much the extent of it. Oh, and there’s some kind of social element to it. Something about club chats.

Why do I mention this “Barbie-2.0” invention? The reason he’s pinned up the site for all (who have no paid it heed already) to see: it’s grown a lot since it first broke onto the scene.
As I said several lines above, Star doll has all the makings of a digital Barbie-like universe. Only…devoid of the Barbie reference entirely. And though it may have yet to achieve the ubiquity that the figurine franchise of historic renown has accomplished, I say give it time.

What is most astonishing about Stardoll is its ability to base its entire business model on consumerism. Completely intangible consumerism at that. Users can spend “earned” Stardollars, or convert real, costly credit to Stardolls, and whatever means member employ to finance their fascination with fashion (too much alliteration, I know), the ends are the same: more Stardollars for more colored pixels. And that’s basically the extent of the site framework. Yes, there’s the social component, and it’s got a virtual mall vibe that attracts the young teen demographic that makes up the bulk of the membership (average age, 13.8), but the core value of the business is, in short, buying stuff.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dressing Up Games - Monetisation and Optimization techniques

One of my friend just brought my attention to a new site: The Dressing Up Games. I love researching sites, understanding how everything works and learning about monetization aspects of online projects, so I was really excited to learn about another player especially knowing that site belongs to the niche I was attacking all along.

TheDressingUpGames.com used a very simple technics: get all the games you can and see what will work. I noticed they used games from Stardoll, Roiworld, The Doll Palace, I-Dressup and many other popular online destinations.

Site uses GSS (probably 3.1) engine, that I reviewed before, but is obviously very -very hand optimized and I suspect many elements were recreated or heavily modified. GSS is very slow by it's nature and I noticed that TheDressingUpGames was very -very fast.

I checked the page source and found
as the first line. I checked other GSS sites and none of them carry that, so obviously some very special caching has been created for the pages. What was even more interesting is after login I found the following there
so caching engine is still used (pay attention that md5 is still the same) but now we see "DYN" there (probably for dynamic).

Monetization is only done with Adsense, I think owner could of do a much better job there, but I guess it brings the money he/she is looking for.

Game selection is really interesting. All categories are at the top ( I would probably put them on the side because it is way too many of them there) but site does not look busy at all, I guess large font and spacing help to get a "non-busy" page feeling.

Color selection and theme is light pink/white /yellow/.blue (I guess a perfect slection for the audience). I was stumbled many times trying to figure out what colors go with pink, and I guess now I know that warm yellow and white will work. I also liked the background flower (I suspect that could be a stolen idea from dress up girl, but hey... it works, flower loads really fast and makes user understand that "page is loading, please wait")

Another interesting element is "keyword cloud". I think cloud should be done properly and leaving everything the same size does not achive the goal, but still this was the first dress up site that implemented it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another site with games

As I mentioned before, cartoon dolls are very addicative. Over time all dolls arena slowly migrated to Dress Up Games. We notices appearances of sites like Girly Games and DressUpGames.com.

Interesting that DressUpGames.com is only an aggregator of all coolest games and sites like Girly and Makeover Games are monetizing games themselves. Dollzmania is again on top of the list with bunch of sites already spinning, but others are slowly entering the arena and I am suspecting they will catch up very soon.

Monday, July 2, 2007

New Dress Up

My friend told me about this new wonderful dress up site and I really enjoyed it. I love playing dolls: paper dolls, cartoon dolls and online dress up dolls. New Dress Up offers hundreds of brand new games that I've never seen before. I really liked the layout and organization of that site.

Flash games are nothing new to the net. I've seen sites filled with arcade games and pointless action games for years, but dress up always stayed away. Only recently I found about nice integration of flash and stardoll and i-dressup. I think New Dress Up Games is another wonderful addition to this fashion site-games mix.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Plan the Perfect Birthday Party

Cartoon Dolls and Dress Up Games

Help your child plan the perfect birthday party this year with help from websites such as The Doll Palace and a bit of your own creativity.

Birthdays have meaning for all of us, but nobody appreciates the annual celebration more than children. Favorite themes, games, cake and friends come together for one special day in honor of your child. She waits rather impatiently all year for that special time, and as it draws near, begins to plan. Help your child plan the perfect party this year – one that will stay with her forever.

Keep it Small and Simple
Birthday parties that are huge affairs can be fun, but they are also overwhelming for the guest of honor. There isn’t much time to play and have fun if the birthday girl is running between guests trying to keep everyone happy. So, instead of inviting an entire flock of best friends try to narrow it down to a lucky four or five. That way the focus is on fun and not peace-keeping. (It will also be less expensive for you, the resident checkbook.)

Think Outside of the Box
Boxed invitations and decorations can be fun and easy, but they don’t have the same special meaning that more custom ones do. Help your daughter make her own invitations using cartoon dolls or pictures from websites like TheDollPalace.com. Her birthday party decorations can use the same dolls or the same theme. Each invitation, placemat, and gift bag can be personalized by your young artist and that helps make things even more special.

The Activities
Birthday party activities change with age. The younger children need a bit more structure to their games, while older children will probably disappear into your daughter’s room for hours on end. Discuss plans with you daughter to see what she thinks would be fun, and help her research some alternatives to Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey.

There are endless choices of how to spend time during a birthday party. Dancing, bowling, putt-putt golf, movies, sleep-overs, make-overs and more are all possibilities, and you may be able to get even more creative depending on the season and where you live.

The Food
Pizza is a staple of birthday parties, but it doesn’t have to be the only choice. Fire up the grill or bring in some take-out. If pizza seems to be the easiest choice, be sure you have a variety of toppings or consider buying pre-made crusts and letting the guests make their own. Not only will it add a bit of novelty to the meal, it will entertain the girls longer than you might expect.

Cake and ice cream are standard, but they don’t have to be basic, either. Consider cupcakes to decorate or custom ice cream sundaes. Cookie cakes and ice cream cakes are delicious and might be more welcome at a summer party or if you’re someplace unique like the beach where it can be hot or complicated to bring a traditional cake.

Have FunWhatever kind of birthday party you plan for your daughter this year, just remember that the most important thing is not how well it all goes or how much thought you put into it. What is most important is how much fun she has with her friends and how much fun the two of you had together making plans.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cartoon Dolls

I would like to start this blog from informal introduction.

I am in the area of making cartoon dolls. According to The Doll Palace cartoon doll origins came from traditional paper dolls. Much like traditional paper dolls, cartoon dolls offer a base with clothing and accessories for creating the perfect look. Unlike the paper dolls of our past, online cartoon dolls have an entire virtual world complete with vocabulary dedicated especially to them.