Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another site with games

As I mentioned before, cartoon dolls are very addicative. Over time all dolls arena slowly migrated to Dress Up Games. We notices appearances of sites like Girly Games and DressUpGames.com.

Interesting that DressUpGames.com is only an aggregator of all coolest games and sites like Girly and Makeover Games are monetizing games themselves. Dollzmania is again on top of the list with bunch of sites already spinning, but others are slowly entering the arena and I am suspecting they will catch up very soon.

Monday, July 2, 2007

New Dress Up

My friend told me about this new wonderful dress up site and I really enjoyed it. I love playing dolls: paper dolls, cartoon dolls and online dress up dolls. New Dress Up offers hundreds of brand new games that I've never seen before. I really liked the layout and organization of that site.

Flash games are nothing new to the net. I've seen sites filled with arcade games and pointless action games for years, but dress up always stayed away. Only recently I found about nice integration of flash and stardoll and i-dressup. I think New Dress Up Games is another wonderful addition to this fashion site-games mix.