Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dressing Up Games - Monetisation and Optimization techniques

One of my friend just brought my attention to a new site: The Dressing Up Games. I love researching sites, understanding how everything works and learning about monetization aspects of online projects, so I was really excited to learn about another player especially knowing that site belongs to the niche I was attacking all along. used a very simple technics: get all the games you can and see what will work. I noticed they used games from Stardoll, Roiworld, The Doll Palace, I-Dressup and many other popular online destinations.

Site uses GSS (probably 3.1) engine, that I reviewed before, but is obviously very -very hand optimized and I suspect many elements were recreated or heavily modified. GSS is very slow by it's nature and I noticed that TheDressingUpGames was very -very fast.

I checked the page source and found
as the first line. I checked other GSS sites and none of them carry that, so obviously some very special caching has been created for the pages. What was even more interesting is after login I found the following there
so caching engine is still used (pay attention that md5 is still the same) but now we see "DYN" there (probably for dynamic).

Monetization is only done with Adsense, I think owner could of do a much better job there, but I guess it brings the money he/she is looking for.

Game selection is really interesting. All categories are at the top ( I would probably put them on the side because it is way too many of them there) but site does not look busy at all, I guess large font and spacing help to get a "non-busy" page feeling.

Color selection and theme is light pink/white /yellow/.blue (I guess a perfect slection for the audience). I was stumbled many times trying to figure out what colors go with pink, and I guess now I know that warm yellow and white will work. I also liked the background flower (I suspect that could be a stolen idea from dress up girl, but hey... it works, flower loads really fast and makes user understand that "page is loading, please wait")

Another interesting element is "keyword cloud". I think cloud should be done properly and leaving everything the same size does not achive the goal, but still this was the first dress up site that implemented it.