Thursday, June 28, 2007

Plan the Perfect Birthday Party

Cartoon Dolls and Dress Up Games

Help your child plan the perfect birthday party this year with help from websites such as The Doll Palace and a bit of your own creativity.

Birthdays have meaning for all of us, but nobody appreciates the annual celebration more than children. Favorite themes, games, cake and friends come together for one special day in honor of your child. She waits rather impatiently all year for that special time, and as it draws near, begins to plan. Help your child plan the perfect party this year – one that will stay with her forever.

Keep it Small and Simple
Birthday parties that are huge affairs can be fun, but they are also overwhelming for the guest of honor. There isn’t much time to play and have fun if the birthday girl is running between guests trying to keep everyone happy. So, instead of inviting an entire flock of best friends try to narrow it down to a lucky four or five. That way the focus is on fun and not peace-keeping. (It will also be less expensive for you, the resident checkbook.)

Think Outside of the Box
Boxed invitations and decorations can be fun and easy, but they don’t have the same special meaning that more custom ones do. Help your daughter make her own invitations using cartoon dolls or pictures from websites like Her birthday party decorations can use the same dolls or the same theme. Each invitation, placemat, and gift bag can be personalized by your young artist and that helps make things even more special.

The Activities
Birthday party activities change with age. The younger children need a bit more structure to their games, while older children will probably disappear into your daughter’s room for hours on end. Discuss plans with you daughter to see what she thinks would be fun, and help her research some alternatives to Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey.

There are endless choices of how to spend time during a birthday party. Dancing, bowling, putt-putt golf, movies, sleep-overs, make-overs and more are all possibilities, and you may be able to get even more creative depending on the season and where you live.

The Food
Pizza is a staple of birthday parties, but it doesn’t have to be the only choice. Fire up the grill or bring in some take-out. If pizza seems to be the easiest choice, be sure you have a variety of toppings or consider buying pre-made crusts and letting the guests make their own. Not only will it add a bit of novelty to the meal, it will entertain the girls longer than you might expect.

Cake and ice cream are standard, but they don’t have to be basic, either. Consider cupcakes to decorate or custom ice cream sundaes. Cookie cakes and ice cream cakes are delicious and might be more welcome at a summer party or if you’re someplace unique like the beach where it can be hot or complicated to bring a traditional cake.

Have FunWhatever kind of birthday party you plan for your daughter this year, just remember that the most important thing is not how well it all goes or how much thought you put into it. What is most important is how much fun she has with her friends and how much fun the two of you had together making plans.

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